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about us

Since its establishment in 2000, Korkmaz Building Products is known for its great care for customer satisfaction. We are working to serve you better in our factory with 1250 m² closed area and 500 m² open area under the name ÖVEM BANYO, which is its own brand. Thanks to our always aiming for the highest standards, our business has grown into what it is today. If you want to learn more about our products and services, contact us.


our vision

To be a leading, creative, successful, constantly developing and growing company that inspires other competitors in the sector, is respected and adheres to principles. To base on cooperation and common knowledge that is not based on commercial gain in the services provided. To keep dialogue channels open with customers and the manufacturer Şişecam in order to be a participatory product provider. Maintaining a socially conscious active personnel infrastructure.
To follow the global developments and technological innovations in the sector and sub-sectors, and to constantly restructure the production and supply processes according to these developments. To apply methods that will increase the living standards of the end consumer in all kinds of supply and supply.

Our Mission

To play a role in raising the living standards of the people of the region by providing the products that are lacking in the sector, performing the transactions, increasing the diversity, providing logistics and informatics support to the sub-sectors, enabling the practitioners and designers to focus on their own activities and representing the values of being human while doing these

Our quality policy

The service recipient is not only the customer of the company, but also the end consumer. In order to embody this understanding, the practical application of the necessary theoretical requirements is an indispensable condition for the future of an enterprise and takes place in front of all kinds of investments and profits.

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